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Molecular and Cellular Physiology


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Projects supported by the FWF:

P22553 Regulation of SOCE by mitochondria (2010-2013) (PI: Roland Malli)

P21925 TRPC3 channels as a determinant of cardiac function and remodelling (2009-2012) (PI: Prof. Klaus Groschner, Co-Applicants: Prof. Christoph Romanin & wfg)

P21857 Anandamide/LPI signaling and function in endothelial cells (2009-2012)

P20181 Mitochondrial calcium homeostasis in endothelial cells (2007-2010)

SFB F30-B05 LIPOTOX, Part 10: Mitochondria, instigators and/or targets of lipotoxicity? (2007-2010)

P16860 Organelle Calcium Function in Endothelial Cells (2003-2007)

SFB714/2 Molecular Mechanisms of Diabetes-induced Vascular Dysfunction: The role of the cellular homologue of Rous sarcoma virus oncoprotein (c-src), ß-catenin and the small GTP-binding Protein RhoA (2001-2005)

P14586 Spatiotemporal Calcium Signaling in the Endothelium (2000-2003)

SFB714/1 Contribution of glycated low-density lipoprotein to changes in subcellular Ca2+ signaling, vasoactivity and gene expression of smooth muscle cells in diabetes mellitus and hypercholesterolemia (1998-2001)

P12341 Physiology and Patho-physiology of subplasmalemmal Ca2+ stores and a superficial buffer barrier in endothelial cells (1997-2000)

P12306 Physiology and pathophysiology of endothelial ion regulation and its contributin to endothelial vascular function (1996-1997)

P10029 Physiologie und Pathophysiologie der endothelialen Ionenregulation und ihre Bedeutung für die vaskulären Funktionen des Endothels (1994-1996)

J 0766 Physiologie und Pharmakologie endothelialer und glatt-muskulärer Ionenkanäle (Erwin-Schrödinger-Stipendium) (1992)


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