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Some pictures from our recent hike to the Schoeckel:

Here we started our small hike to the highest mountain close to Graz

Ismene was among the first who arrived at the top looking for soem challange for the respiration machinery of her mitochondria

Roland was not as fast as Ismene but still he made it to the top although he had to leave his beloved confocal microscope behind…life can be tough

Finally, even wfg made it up to the top but did not had an excuse why it took him that long

By the way, the cap was voted to be ...lets say, something special

After all these torture we were gifted by teh miraculous view of the soft hills of south-east sytria. By the way, what you see infront is indeed a dry alpine slide



Welcome reception of our new PhD students on October 30th 2007. If you want to see more picts please go there.

Shamim, Jadoon, wfg, Vikki (from Prof. Heinemann's lab)
and Prof. Ákos Heinemann (from left to right)

Shamim, Jadoon, wfg, Vikki (from Prof. Heinemann's lab)
and Prof. Ákos Heinemann (from left to right)

Jadoon, Vikki (from Prof. Heinemann's lab), wfg, Shamim and
Prof. Ákos Heinemann (from left to right)

Jadoon and wfg (from left to right)


For an news article a professional photographer stopped by September 2007. Below, you see the result:

from right to left: Anna Schreilechner, Markus Waldeck-Weiermair, Jacek Lenart, wfg, Michael Trenker, Shamim Naghdi, Roland Malli
missing as the were out at the time this pict was done: Ismene Fertschai, Jadoon Kahn, Angela Schweizer


Our cross-country adventure. Please note that most of us never stood on these slim skis before (were are Austrian, so we are born to ski with alpine skis and nothing else!). You may have already noticed that while watching our remarkable stylish outfit.....



Xmas dinner

Ingund Anderl

Markus Waldeck-Weiermair

Bea(trix) Petschar

Bea and Michael Trenker


We had a great hiking trip to the “Schöckel” a mountain very close to Graz. There was a lot of unusual adventure you would not expect on a hike…………

Anna is quietly freezing
Michael thinks on his work
Roland looks very enthusiastic
We made it to the top
What a view
It was really cold there – look at them
Michael and wfg work very hard
Ingund waits patiently until the others have finished (see next picts)
Anna and Lisa as fast as they could
Michael looks forward to a very specific curve…
Roland looks forward to a very specific curve…
wfg does not look forward to this particular curve…



Finally we could make a group photograph in 2003....

from left 2nd line: Andereas Maier, Bea Petschar, Sabine Seidl,Roland Malli
from left 1st line: Anna Schreilechner, Karin Osibow, Cristina Zoratti, Dijle Kipmen-Korgun, Jola Paltauf-Doburzynska


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