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February: The report by Thomas Graier (supervisor: Roland) on „The effect of the endocannabinoide Anandamide on processes of wound healing“ in course of the Austrian ministry program "Talente entdecken: Praktika für Schülerinnen und Schüler" of the BMVIT (Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology) was awarded. The certificate and prize will be presented by Doris Bures, minister of the BMVIT, on March 13th 2012 in Vienna.



October 6th: Liang Kuo, MD has finsihed his sabbatical in our laboratory and is going back to China. Truly, we had a great and exciting time with him and than him very much for his enthusiasm and great work he performed in our lab. For sure we stay in contact and hope to go on with collaboration with this very talented scientist.

September: We are happy to welcome András Deák, MD who graduated in human medicine at the Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary and now joined our team for a PhD in course of the PhD program neuroscience. He is supported by a grant from the FWF (P-22553-B18 to Roland). He was student in the famos laboratory of András Spät and Peter Varnai (Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary) and we are very happy that he is now strengthen our team in the field of STIM1 function and mitochondrial Ca2+ signaling.

August 19th: Warisara Parichatikanond has been awarded a scholarship within the programme "Technology Grants Southeast Asia" to make her PhD with us. we are very happy and congratulat her and look forward to welcome her soon.

August: we are very happy to welcome Dr. Monika Riederer in our laboratory. Monika was working already quiet some time in the department and now we are very happy that she accepted our invitation to strenghten our team in the field of endocannabinoids, endothelial cell physiology and, of course, mitochondrial Ca2+.

August: since Folrian is leaving us to get further education (he will become a ale-brewer, not kidding), we are very happy that Simone Hrastnik is joining our team to take over Florian's responsibilities.

July: we are happy to welcome Dr. Liang Kuo for a 6 months postdoctoral training in our laboratory. He is collaborating with Rizzi and Lukas on a thrilling topic.

January: the setup of our new array laser scanning microscope has been finsihed. Truly, its a major step forward and we are looking forward to challange this new device with multiple experimental appraoches that are already waiting.



November 10th: In a very lovely and touching ceremony and in the presence of the Governor of Styria Mag. Franz Voves, Prof. Dr. Gottfried Schatz has given the Otto Loewi Memorial Lecture at the Medical University of Graz. In addition Prof. Schatz was honored by the Govenor with the great golden Order of Styria for his great contribution in science and his leadership for the development Styrian biomedical research.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Josef Smolle
(Rector, Medical University of Graz)

Univ.-Prof. Dr.
Roberta Maierhofer

(Vicerector, University of Graz)

Mag. Franz Voves
(Governor of Styria)

Univ. Prof. Dr.
Gottfried Schatz

Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Graier
(Chair of the Institute of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry)

August 23rd: Rene Rost (PhD) joins our laboratory as postdoc. We are very pleased that Rene decided to join our team. He is involved in our mitochondrial work and its great to see him already turning to become a Calc-aholic and mito-afficionado in such a short time.

August 20th: Shamim Naghdi defended here thesis and passed the thesis examination with excellency. She gave a great talk and was very good in the discussion and further examination. She is our first PhD student from the new program and it, truly, was a pleasure to have her with us. She will start soon her postdoc in Gyorgy Hajnoczky's laboratory at the Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA. We would like to congratulate Shamin for here great thesis and thank her very much for all the enthusiasm, fun, kindness and effort she brought into our team - it was a great time, THANK YOU! We are very happy that she found such a great postdoc position and wish her all the best for her future.

July: Now the hearing of the Doctoral College MCD is finished, we are excited to found two excellent scientists (Claire Jean-Quartier, MMSc and Neelanjan Vishnu, MSc) to further strengthen our group. More details will be available once they have started in the lab beginning of October.

July & August: We are happy that Jahn Werner Ramming joins us for working on his diploma thesis in medicine. He did a great work and we hope he will join us again in the future, maybe for a PhD...who knows.

June: After the hearing in the PhD program Molecular Medicine, we have decided to ask Stefan Dobersberger and Elisabeth Seles to join us for making their PhD in our laboratory. We are happy that both guys accepted our invitation and look forward to welcome them.

Great news: Roland's grant on "Regulation of SOCE by mitochondria" (P22553) has been accepted by the FWF. This will be a thrilling project and we are looking forward to further investigate this interesting topic in collaboration with Maud Frieden (Geneva, CH), Klaus Groschner (Graz, A), György Hajnóczky (Philadelphia, USA) and Christoph Romanin (Linz, A).

May 18th: Ismene Fertschai successfully defended her thesis and gave a very nice talk on her work. Great Job, Ismene! We congratulate Ismene very much and look forward to the big “Get Together” next week…..

From April 19th - May 8th: we have moved most of our laboratory to a new space on another floor of the same building but five floors away. Due to some delay in the delivery of instruments and other devices, the molecular biology part still remains on its old location but we hope to move this part very soon too. ONce we have finsihed, we will put some picts of our great new lab here, so please check a bit later again.

April 1st: Markus Waldeck-Weiermair got a University Assistent position in our team.

Finally, I (wfg) will hold my inaugural lecture entitled "BELOVED FOREIGNERS: Mitochondria, energy-loaded geniuses or dangerous troublemakers" on March 5th 2010. The lecture will be given in the Hörsaalzentrum, Medical University Graz, Auenbruggerplatz 15, 8036 Graz, Austria. [invitation card]

March: Sadly we have to say that "our" Lexie (Alexandra Barbulescu) had to leave and go home for personal reasons. We truly miss her enthusiasm and spirit in science and her warmhearted way. Truly, it was a pleasure to have her in teh lab and we wish her all the best for the future and hope to see her again soon.

January 25th: We are very happy to inform that Roland Malli, Ph.D. was promoted to Associate Professor from February 2010. By that he is amoung the first Associate Professors at this institution, which changed its career developing and promotion system very recently.




January 22th: Philipp Peinhopf was awarded by the ministry of education in Vienna, Austria for the achievements and quality of the project Philipp achieved when he was under the supervision of Roland Malli, Ph.D. in our laboratory last summer. Philipp and Roland went to Vienna where there got their award from federal minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Doris Bures. For more information please use this Link and MUG-Aktuelles.


Federal minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Doris Bures, Philipp and Roland



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